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Earlier this week, Gawker said, “We have a mole inside Fox News! You can look forward to months of evil inside scoops, provided by our hidden secret mole inside Fox News!”

Then, the next day: “They found him.  He’s fired.”

Whether you think it’s awesome or terrible that someone inside a corporation would leak info, I’m shocked at Gawker’s incompetence. Did they think the Mole wouldn’t be caught right away once he hit the front page of Gawker?

Why did no one at Gawker say, “Look, Fox Mole, this is some awesome shit. But you’re going to get caught the moment we start publishing this. So here’s what you do: write a month’s worth of embarrassing scandals in advance. Send us all the dirt, but we won’t publish it. Then, when we’ve got a nice juicy backlog, we’ll flip the switch and you’ll probably get fired, like, the day after we post it. But then you’ll have accomplished your mission.”

It’s like, dude, if you’d had an ounce of patience or forethought, you could have done some real damage. As it was, yes, you probably squirrelled away quite a bit, but even a month-old look at the daily view of Fox News, with verifiable claims, would have been enlightening.

Maybe the mole was so hot to leave he needed this published now. But more likely, I think it’s just Gawker blowing an opportunity.

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