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Those of you who’ve been reading me for a while know that I don’t believe much in woo-woo superstition.  (I believe in God and Christ, yes, but I’m of the firm belief that you start praying only once it’s your last option – do all the prep work before you bother the Big Guy.)

The one place I do place some faith in mystic potency?  Tarot cards.

I usually don’t get them read, because the few readings I have done turned out to be eerily accurate, correctly predicting the sad arrival of my first girlfriend, a breakup with the girlfriend I was with at the time, and the future of my writing, among others.  Sure, it could be coincidence (or, as Alan Moore suggests, “magick as the unconscious mind finding a way to express itself”)… but I now save my tarot card readings for major, major events.

And if I had to trust my tarot card readings to anyone, it would be Miintikwa.  (Which, in fact, I have.)

She’s currently finishing up a book on the tarot, and is in a situation where a little extra cash could help her.  So I’m telling you that if you feel like having your tarot read, she’s done some darned good interpretations for me, she’s sensible, and her rates are quite reasonable (starting at $5 for a simple three-card draw).

As she says: “I have been reading the tarot for over 20 years.  The last 10 years, I’ve been doing it professionally.  I have a knack for helping people find their totem animals, and I enjoy discovering past lives with my patrons.  I have also developed readings with the explicit purpose of healing and guiding people to find their highest good.  I also have readings to help people find love.

“My patrons have given me a lot of great feedback, and I apply myself to finding ways to do better with every reading.”

She approaches it seriously, with sincerity and wisdom, and so if you’re considering new life paths, check her out.  So sayeth the weasel.

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