Date: 2017-05-05 06:01 pm (UTC)
elf: Red & blue faces (Face Off)
From: [personal profile] elf
One of the issues that would need to be dealt with is existing places with split-gender bathrooms - if they just changed the signs from (M) or (F) to M/F, but didn't change anything else... guys would use the ones with urinals and fewer stalls; women would use the ones with more stalls, and "everyone would know" which room was "really" for men and which was "really" for women - it wouldn't be enforceable by law, but the social constraints could be almost as strict.

Without mandating a whole lot of expensive changes, many bars/clubs/etc. (many schools, for that matter) would change the signs and nothing else would change - and bullying and social policing might even increase. (I don't see an easy way around that, no matter what happens; I'm brainstorming and trying to think of, "say we get the law we want... what happens next?" And some of the "next" is going to be ugly because a lot of bigots are going to be very unhappy with the new legal situation. I'm trying to think of ways to avoid giving them ammo for "see, it's not working!" attacks.)

I'm in California; I always thought the gendered labels on bathrooms were a suggestion thing rather than a legal thing. (I think they are here; I was surprised to find out that in some states, it's against the law to enter a "wrong sex" bathroom. Women here sometimes use the men's bathrooms when the line is too long.) A lot of larger public places - movie theatres and hotels - often have M, W, and Family bathrooms, with logos for two genders, small kids, and a wheelchair.

I don't think I'd meet anybody I didn't already know for a date in a dancehall/club.

Me neither, but I'm not a college student trying very hard to fit in, and not a single mom who very much misses having a social life away from childcare. I'm also not living in a small town where the nearest "real date" place is 30 miles away. I would, and have, met people in coffee shops that I only knew from online. (Nobody I met in person from online has ever turned out to be problematic. I don't know if I'm lucky, have good judgment, or just don't hang out online where the creeps are.)

I don't think gendered bathrooms are the right fix for "date turned unexpectedly creepy" or "omg my evil ex just entered the club;" I just know that currently, bathrooms are used as a refuge in cases like those.

There may not be a solution beyond "better preparation, and bar/club staff needs to be willing to do something about creeps."
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