Date: 2017-06-09 02:51 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] arlie
I'm sorry. This stuff is almost certainly real. And lord knows there are plenty of guys who think the world owes them a woman - usually for sex; often for other services as well. It can't be either good or pleasant for them. But I'm still ROFLMAO.

I come from a cultural time and place when girls were mostly socialized for a career as a sex worker, nursemaid, and general all round servant, commonly known as a "wife". Landing a "good man" was the best possible career trajectory - nothing she could do could give her as comfortable a life as landing a man on the path to career success, and helping him arrive there.

As girls got older, this career advice was overlaid with memes about "love" and similar - but in the younger age groups, it was pretty blatant. It was vitally important to be "attractive", and this absolutely included lopping off any pieces of her personality that didn't fit - along with pieces of her body, if she could afford plastic surgery. She needed to match "his" interests in order to hook and keep him. At older ages, there was some understanding that she could also have her own interests - in appropriate matters like cooking, child rearing, and fashion - all things helpful to her true career. Fabric arts were OK too. Maybe some quiet unshared interests that weren't directly helpful, but only in any spare time she might have left over.

In other words, just about everything above was part of female socialization - except that girls didn't deserve or automatically get a man, let alone a good one, and could potentially end up with a drunk, or a wife beater, or worst of all, as a pathetic old maid.

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