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theferrett ([personal profile] theferrett) wrote2017-09-21 09:23 am

Hey, San Francisco, Come Say Hello To Me Saturday At Borderlands Books!

In case you forgot, I’ll be at Borderlands Books (my favorite place in SF) at 3:00 pm this Saturday to read to you from my new book The Uploaded, sign whatever you put in front of me, and to, as usual, go out for hamburgers afterwards.

(And if you’re extra-special-good, I may do a super-secret advance MEGA-preview reading of The Book That Does Not Yet Have A Name. Not that, you know, you shouldn’t be rushing out to your stores to buy The Uploaded right now.)

I will, of course, bring donuts after my massive DONUT FAIL in Massachusetts, which I still wake up in cold sweats about. I will bring you donuts or die.

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[personal profile] drwex 2017-09-21 09:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Your donut fail was entirely understood by all of us who've gone to and from New York many times, as we do here.

It was good to see you in person and listen to you read. Unlike a number of other authors I've met your in-person voice sounds a great deal like the one I have in my head from reading your online postings.