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So this article on LiveJournal attributes its decline (for it is in decline) to a contentious userbase that hates upgrades.

Question: What upgrades?

I mean, Facebook changes its whole look and API every other week, and everyone bitches and still uses the site.  Twitter keeps adding features and annoying its user base, and it’s chugging along.  And in the past five years, LiveJournal has….

…well, fuck, what have they added?  A “like” button?  A “best of LJ,” FetLife-style?  Better sharing methods?  Anything?  Shit, as a daily LJ user, I can’t remember the last feature they added that actually, you know, changed anything for the better.  They added a couple of things that broke shit, but as far as anything I can see, LJ’s basically the same platform it was five fucking years ago.

And yes, I understand the concept of technical debt.  I’ve had to deal with that on SCG a few times – most notably, a project back in June 2011 that literally involved altering 60% of our database tables and a conversion script that took eight hours to process.  But LJ’s been static.  Yes, they’ve had the rampant stupidity of filtering content, which drove people away, but I maintain that’s survivable.

The real problem is that WordPress is adding cool new shit you can do daily, Twitter’s more convenient, Facebook has more users, and LiveJournal has…. exactly the same shit it had at its peak.  It’s like a fighter who hasn’t bothered to throw a punch in half a decade.  It’s dying because of a tragic lack of ambition to be anything more than it is now – or, more accurately, anything more than it was when it was purchased.

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Back in The Day, when I had infinite people reading me on LiveJournal, I’d post an entry and the comments exploded.  I’d hit “post,” and five minutes later I’d have fifteen comments.

Now, I make a big ol’ important post and sometimes I don’t get a comment for half an hour.  That used to unnerve me – is this a bad entry? Did I say something wrong? – until I realized what was happening.  English LiveJournal is slowly dying.

What used to happen was that the LJ friends page was like Twitter or Facebook now – so constant a stream of data that you just refreshed your friends’ page and wham, new entries.  Maybe you didn’t check it twenty times a day like I did, but the friends page was a ritual where my latest entry popped up in real time.  I was a part of the info-stream.

As LJ use has declined, though, the traffic patterns have changed for me.  People no longer read my blog as part of a daily pulse; it’s in their RSS feeds, or bookmarked separately, or they wait for me to post the interesting links to Twitter (since I don’t Tweet-spam every post).  I still get roughly the same number of comments, but as opposed to arriving in one explosive comment-dump, they now arrive scattered over the course of two days, like late passengers departing a red-eye connection.  I’m read at their convenience, not the convenience of LJ.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is a little weird.  Some days I post a SRS ENTRY and then wait until I get one comment just to ensure someone’s listening.  By the time I get out of the tub, I have like three comments, which used to be the sign of an entry falling on its face.  Now, I’m patient; the user feedback will arrive in due course.

If you write it, they will come.

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As LiveJournal fades, I still miss certain traditions.  Namely, the love posts.

It’s a sweet habit that I’ve seen others do, but Shadowwolf13 does the most often – someone starts a post that says, “Start a thread for people to say nice things about someone else on LiveJournal, and I’ll maintain the threads so someone can come here and see all the compliments left for them.”

The maintaining is a pain in the butt.  You have to constantly redo the post to list all of the people, and folks start multiple threads for the same person, and it really is a lot of overhead.  But it’s a way of making people feel better on a holiday, and it’s a tradition unique to LJ as far as I know, and I feel bad because once the English side of LJ goes, it will be no more.

So she’s put a new Love Thread up today, and I’ve already left threads for my sweeties, who really deserve some awesome love always.  Shadowwolf is a patient wonder for doing this, and this year seems light on love, so please – if you’re still on LJ, I encourage you to go leave love for someone and put breadcrumbs so others can find it.

A little love this season is never a bad thing.

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